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Stena Line is a leading ferry operator, renowned for its extensive network of ferry services across Europe. Among its key routes is the ferry service connecting Holyhead in Wales with Dublin in Ireland.

The Holyhead-Dublin ferry route forms a vital connection between the United Kingdom and Ireland, playing a crucial role in passenger and freight transport across the Irish Sea.

Stena Line's ferries are equipped with various amenities to ensure a pleasant journey for travelers. The company has a reputation for reliability and efficiency, making it a popular choice for those looking to travel from Holyhead to Dublin. 

Stena Line Holyhead-Dublin timetable

Holyhead and dublin terminals

Holyhead-Dublin Vessels

Stenaline is currently operating on this route with the following ferries: Stena Adventurer, Stena Estrid

Photos of the Stena Adventurer

Source: Stena Line 

Photos of the Stena Estrid

Source: Stena Line 

Latest sailing updates

For the latest information on cancellations and delays, check the Stena Line page which provides up-to-date sailing updates. Additionally, you can follow their social media channels, including Twitter, to stay informed about their latest news and service changes.

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